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DIY Lash Application KIT

DIY Lash Application KIT

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In the Application kit, we have our three best products to keep your lashes locked in, for long wear for up to 10 Days & damage free removal.


Lash Bonder/ Adhesive

 Our Lash Adhesive is the answer to your Lash dreams!

Your answer to long wearing lashes while still keeping your natural lashes healthy.

This product can provide hold for 10+ days

Water-resistant formula, absorbs moisture and withstands heat

Colour: Black



1. Apply lash adhesive/Bonder to natural lashes like you would mascara!

2. Apply DIY lashes underneath the natural lashes and use the tweezer to prevent any stickiness.

3. Follow up with Sealant

Tip 💡:

- Less is more with our bonder, please ensure you only use a small amount of bond! When too much bond is applied, the bond cannot fully dry so will not hold your lash extensions for long. Too much bond can also make your application messy.

- Scrape excess bond out of the bond bottle before applying onto your natural lashes, so you don't accidentally apply too much.

- Focus the bond on the roots of your natural lashes to avoid a clumpy look along the length of your lashes. You do not need to brush the bond all the way up your lashes like mascara.


Lash Sealant

Our lash sealant will seal in the adhesive and help the lashes last longer!


Once your look is complete, apply the sealant at the base of the lashes.

By applying this at the base you seal your look and remove any stickiness. The sealant helps your lashes last longer.

Tip 💡: Use the ‘Relock Method’ each morning to extend lash longevity. This is when you dab a small amount of sealant at the base of your lashes and squeeze them together using your Lash Applicator. Ensure you hold the squeeze for at least a few seconds to relock them into place which will extend the longevity of your lash extensions.



Lash Remover

Our Lash remover is the safe way to remove your lashes, formulated to break the bond of the adhesive and assist in lash removal without compromising the natural lashes. There are no fumes so you shouldn’t feel any discomfort!

How To Use:  Coat lashes with Remover and wait 20-30 seconds for removal. Lashes will begin to come off. If excess glue is left on natural lashes apply another coat of Remover and clean off with a facial cloth.

Shipping & Returns

Please allow between 1-3 days (express shipping) or 3-5 days (standard shipping) for your order to be delivered if you are Australia wide. 

Due to hygiene purposes Luxe Lash Store is not permitted to provide a refund or exchange for change of mind.

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