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Retention Goals Adhesive 0.05-1 sec

Retention Goals Adhesive 0.05-1 sec

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Experience ultimate retention with our revolutionary ‘Retention Goals Adhesive’, expertly formulated to defy the elements. Our adhesive is not only waterproof, ensuring your clients lashes stay flawless through tears and rain, but also oil-resistant, standing strong against the toughest of skincare routines. Perfect for clients with active lifestyles or oily skin.

Our Retention Goals Adhesive has been formulated to provide exceptional retention by being water proof and oil resistant, also speeding up your Lash sets by cutting down application and provide your clients with incredible retention lasting up to 8 weeks!! 

If you’ve been struggling with retention look no further! Our Retention Goals Adhesive is waterproof and oil-resistant, designed to withstand exposure to moisture and oil, which means your clients can enjoy their lash extensions through daily activities like showering, swimming, and using oil-based skincare products without worrying about the lashes falling off prematurely. This type of adhesive typically has a strong bond that ensures the extensions stay put for the expected lifespan of the natural lash.

• 0.05 - 1 second drying time (suitable for advanced lash artists) 

• Oil Resistant 

• Water Proof

• Low fume

• Light/thin Formula

• Shake for 1 minute before use 

• Perfect for both Classic and Volume sets

• 18-25 degrees Celsius - optimal range 22-24 degrees Celsius

• Humidity 40% - 60%

• Colour - Black

• 5ml

Ingredients- Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, Polymethyl Methacrylate,


Note - 

Use the pin provided 📍 or the sharp end of a tweezer to release/ disperse the glue

Dispose after 5 weeks (since being opened)

Lasts 6 months (since being unopened)

ALWAYS give the natural lashes a thorough lash bath before application.

Dispense a fresh drop of adhesive every 20 minutes during the application.

Ensure you use the right amount of glue. Too little will result in poor retention, too much can cause the lashes to stick to each other. Use a small bead of adhesive for classic lashes. When using premade fans, dip only the bottom 2mm of the fan in the adhesive.


Shipping & Returns

Please allow between 1-3 days (express shipping) or 3-5 days (standard shipping) for your order to be delivered if you are Australia wide. 

Due to hygiene purposes Luxe Lash Store is not permitted to provide a refund or exchange for change of mind.

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